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June 10, 2008


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"all you have is this moment." my best friend told me that last night, in the effort to bring me back from "the edge." it worked. now i just wish he wasn't so far away from me, he deserves a hug for every time he says something like that. congratulations on finding "home."


I'm so glad your family found it's place, because that path lead to the crossing our frienship!! We feel very blessed because of it!!
Happy home coming to the family!!!


All the edge pieces...love that! Alex looks like such a toddler boy there, how much he's grown in the past year! How did I just notice your menu on the side there? You're making me hungry!

cindy w

That's so cool, I really hope we feel that way after we move to North Carolina in a few weeks. Although who knows, maybe we'll end up back in Washington someday.


"It's an interesting feeling to finally stop looking anxiously to the future for the answers to your happiness."
I was just saying this to Adeeb the other day!! Funny, even two states away, we still manage to have similar lives. :)
While I DO dearly miss you, my dear, the very most important thing to me is that you are happy. It brings a smile to my heart. I'm not disheartened at all. 'Sides, two little states can't take away a friendship. ;)


And we are so glad you're here! I'm especially glad that you're not holding the current "summer" against us--it's not the usual, I swear (though I'll happily take it over the East Coast's current heat wave). Seriously--so glad we've gotten to know you even a little bit and look forward to more fun times together!


Happy One Year Anniversary! The Pacific Northwest is the best place to live. (Of course I am bias having lived here all my life except for 3 months!)

Must Be Motherhood

It is most excellent to read about someone who feels at peace with their place in time and geography. I'm so glad for you!


It is so great to have you hear in the Pacific NW! It is especially nice to hear that you do love it as much as we do...

Your whole family is a welcome addition!

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