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June 05, 2008


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I wouldn't worry about the pantyhose - I work in Corporate America and NO ONE wears them past the interview - wa hooo! Pants that go to your ankles and something besides flip flops? Those you might want to look in to.
Congrats on your plan and good luck!!!! I'll be your first client - do you take them from out of state?


Good for you! I second the panty hose thing. Unless I have a big important meeting? No panty hose for me.


Good luck to you with all of that.. Wow- that all sounds really hard.. :)
but PLEASE don't ever stop posting here. I am one of your long time followers.. (just hardly ever comment). I just don't feel right if I do not get to read some mandajuice with my morning coffee.


Go Amanda! It's hard work, I know. I'm currently taking courses towards becoming a Certified General Accountant in Canada. The courses are going to take me about four years, added onto 18 months of a university degree that I need to graduate, but don't have. One also has to work full-time for at least three of those years as well. Hopefully I'll get my certification right around my 40th birthday. It would be the best present!

Kelly from My Small Cents

and preferably passing it- you slay me! I'm going back to school myself, in the fall. Ugh.


Are your securities licenses still valid? I sure would hate to take those damn exams again.


Why don't you see if your readers would like your services? Because me, I would like financial planning. How much do you charge?


In the meantime, you could always tutor kids in math. From home, so no childcare needed, and decent pay per hour. Just a thought.


I love a person with goals! Me, I just have a "kill list" updated daily. LOL


Cheers to you! I'll second Alison's suggestion re tutoring in math - I had a friend back east who did that. Just in time for kids trying to catch up over vacation without attending summer school.


What are you going to do with Genoa when you start working? I figure that your little man will be in kindergarten by the fall right?

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