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March 06, 2008


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Genoa is normal... frustratingly normal :O)
Many children her age have the exact reaction including the little boy I nanny for and many of the children in the center where I work. They are gentle when you remind them, but you have to watch them like hawks or they'll rip each others faces off. And as for empathy... they're still a bit young. I do think there are kids who are as you said "naturally more compassionate", but I don't think there's anything wrong with the ones who aren't... you can teach them compassion, and it's Alex's age is definitely a good age to start.


Hey! You can watch the girls for free on idolonfox.com in a couple of days...i watch everything there since we dont have cable anymore. they kind of bury the performances in the left side bar, but just dig and you shall find. you can see all the songs performed, totally free.

I'd love the baked potato fan recipe! Are you going to "Ree" it?


Children bring adventure to our lives in all shapes and sizes! :O) I think it's great your looking at their personalities and evaluating areas you may like them to grow in.
Something I have been trying with my boys is to point out the good things they do and letting them know it makes me happy! It's a small step that I hope encourages growth. Maybe, if you see them being or doing something compassionate point it out and reward them for the behavior.


I always found that my girls did better with "soft" than "gentle" for some reason. I'd take their hand and stroke my face and say, "Be soft." Then I'd stroke their face and say, "soft".

Could have been my imagination...but I think soft is a word they hear more often - with stuffed animals, a favorite blanket, etc.

But, yeah, they're pretty much normal and they'll come along as you keep at it with them.


I totally get the no empathy thing... Samantha is 9 and just staring to develop a little empathy so don't worry... it will come in a few years.

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