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March 05, 2008


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This actually made me misty-eyed. So I can't imagine how people who have souls will react.



I feel like congratulating you all over again after reading this.



I'm almost two months post op, and it's been a beautiful dream that someday I'll be able to conceive in spite of my PCOS. Reading about your victory and how you shared it with Dave got me all teary eyed and choked up.

Your babes are beautiful, and YOU are just a glowing example of what success looks like: a caring mother, wife, and healthy but balanced gal.

You inspire!


oh, also...I'm excited that you are posting about your WLS experience. I always check in to see if you've got the next one up!

by the way, you mentioned design work? I do custom design work for blogs (for free*wink*) and although I only really know blogger, I'm sure I could figure out typepad. :)


Awe you two ARE too cute! I totally got all teary eyed.


Awwwww...I'm hoping that with the next baby we can be super excited to the point of wanting to buy everyone in close proximity some champagne! That makes me all teary-eyed! With the first pregnancy, we had just gotten married and HAD NOT planned it at all. We were happy, but the initial finding out with just full of shock. Then we miscarried. The second pregnancy was very much planned and desired by tempered by more fear than anything. Thank goodness it resulted in the most beautiful boy ever, and now we know next time to jump for joy no matter what!


Wow. Sleep deprivation and a glass of wine will really make for some typos. Sorry.


So sweet of you to capture all of this in pictures. Alex will be so stoked when he's old enough to realize what it all is. :o)


What an exciting time you had. I love your romantic way of telling him.


i've been sort-of a random lurker for a while now--i think i started reading when you were pregnant with baby girl? but i don't read enough to know her name...is it genoa? is it carol? i feel like i've read both.


this post brought me out of lurkdom, because i have a firm rule that anytime someone makes you cry, YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT.

so, way to go on that one, what with the tears and all.
you know, i've never been sure if i want kids or not...but, lately, whenever i read a post about someone finding out they're pregnant/being pregnant/giving birth/cleaning up poopy diapers, i cry.
maybe i want one after all?

or maybe it's that time of the month and i should just be glad that no 'deposits' have been made, go eat some ice cream, and call it a night.

/longest comment ever.

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