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February 05, 2008


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I did! I had fun! You want my sticker?


Not to mention one helluva bday party...


Ha! I love that Amanda.

I have an excuse for missing it: my voting place used to be right across the street from my house. As of today it's across town. Plus it's raining. And, I had a health freak-out today. So many things conspired against me. I still strive to be proud of my voting record at 100, though. :)

I guess I would've voted for Romney.


We celebrated at Portland ignite instead!!!


For some reason i thought you were a republican?

Isnt it crazy that we grew up in a house that diddnt emphasize politics at all, yet we end up in the same camp? Maybe its genetic....

Amy H

looks like you will have a chance at a meaningful vote after all!


2 weeks? The Pennsylvania primary isn't until May. We don't count at all.

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