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January 31, 2008


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Way to go Genoa! And those potties are awesome- I used to have the same for my boys.


YAY for potty training! Ever since my son was born I hoped he would be potty trained by the time he was 3. He's 34 months old and he's going on 3 weeks in big boy underwear and he's only had 3 accidents since we started! I'm so proud of my boy and so excited for you guys!


Yeah!! We love potty time!! I have heard that girls tend to learn sooner than the boys. But, I have no first hand experience....since I don't have any girls!!


Boys are so much harder to train than girls...my eight year old is still not making it through every night, so I am thrilled for that the little one is already holding it while she sleeps. That is something to celebrate!


Go genoa!

My daughter was trained a few months ago- before two, same age as Genoa. I wasn't expecting her to do it then, but she asked to use the potty and voila- within 2 days was out of diapers. It's worked out beautifully- seemed to be really the right time for her, she was really enthusiastic and there's never been a power struggle over it. We too use the little Bjorn for home. She sits and reads and pees. I carry one of those cushy potty rings for trips away- makes the library/gas station restroom not intimidating for such a tiny girl. Good luck !

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