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January 30, 2008


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These look delicious! Good job on your PW inspired recipe blog.

Barb :)


The dip sounds fab (I will not be doing the mushroom bit though since IT'S FUNGUS and therefore not suitable for my delicate good self!), especially the sourdough serving bowl bit. I also love the idea of crackers and parmesan as a crunchy topping. I think PW will forgive you for the non-appearance of butter since cream cheese is represented in a big way!


You lost me at the mushrooms, but it's wrong to measure wine. WRONG! You just have to pour. If you think you may have skimped, pour a little more. You know, for good measure.


WOW, these look scrumptious! We are having some friends over on Sunday for the Super Bowl, so I think I might try to make them for that. I'll email you if I do!


Yum! I think I'll bring these to my Super Bowl party!

P.S. My motto is Tillamook Sour Cream or none :)


I don't like Crab OR mushrooms, but this looks delish! And fun to make, even!


The latex gloves are hysterical! Great pictures and captions.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." PW will love this.


Check you out!! We made the crab dip for Christmas (thanks for passing the recipe along) and it was WONDERFUL!!!
Those mushrooms look might yummy!!


I started doing food/recipe posts in PW style but then I got lazy. Especially when I was doing 1-2 recipes a week. It's just so much work when you are the only one in the kitchen.

Oh and also? KRAFT MAYO!!!!

*runs and hides*

(hey at least I don't use Miracle Whip)


Miracle Whip shouldn't even be allowed to still EXIST.

I have to make something for a Super Bowl party, too! I should check that stupid list and see if my last name makes me a Dip, a Salad, or a Dessert bringer.

I hate the stupid Super Bowl.


This looks SO good! How do you think it would be with real lump crabmeat (I live in MD and I cannot bring myself to use the canned stuff).


Best Foods RULZ! YOU RULE!

OMG, I am DYING here. 1. I want to chomp thru my computer screen 2. Love the nod to Ree! 3. I hate peeling cream cheese, too. 4. What a cute mushroom box!

Thanks for this recipe.


Ooh, I can't wait to try it!


Oh yes. I bookmarked it. I will make these Saturday and charm Darren with them (he is a mushroom lover). I hope the veggie market across the road from work has the big jumbo mushrooms this week.

I do have one question: whatever do you do with the leftover wine? :) Quite honestly, I would be pouring the 1/3 cup and then putting some in a wineglass for me.


Looks deelish! I also like the segway from WLS to fatting crab mushrooms. I will be making these for sure.


That looks yummy, and mushrooms are so much lower cal than chips.

Why the latex gloves?


Oh Lord, I got fatter just reading this. They look incredible.


I'm definitely going to make these. Just one question, you say to steal some mix from the pot, add parm, parsely... but what about the rest of the mix? Is it just left over? If so, do you think it can be frozen?


I too am wondering about the latex gloves!


Looks like the perfect dish to bring on Sunday to the annual Super Bowl party, thanks!


I made these this weekend. Well, sort of. I took the easy way out and bought a jar of minced garlic, and shredded parm in a bag, and didn't hand-wash my mushroom, and had no wine, so I asked google who told me to use apple juice and lemon juice instead. Basically, I used the lazy version of the recipe.

And loved them. Next time I'll use a little less sour cream, but I will definitely make them again.


I made these this past Sunday and they turned out even better than I imagined! I posted about it on my blog: http://tommyandbrea.com/?p=146

Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

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Wow, I can't say anything just want to try that in our dinner.


What can you do with the leftovers?

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