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November 29, 2007


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I too just bought the book! I have tried a few of the recipes and have really liked them and tried a few others and not liked them at ALL either!


I have the book and have mostly liked everything. Char isn't into veggies either. Seinfeld does say she hides veggies in the food but always offers them in their original form on the table. Some things worked better than others, but I haven't tried everything. :-) Of course, I too will be eating puree for a while.


When my sister and I saw the book for the first time we had a good laugh. Kids can spot something "off" with their food immediately. I used to stress about getting veggies into my kids. Now, I just give them what they will eat-raw carrots and ranch dip, broccoli with melted velveeta or broccoli from a chinese restaraunt. Fruit for the other vitamins and popcorn for fiber. My new thing is trying to hide omega-3's in their food. It's not working.


I had way more success with the Sneaky Chef.


My sense about the book is that is a lot of work for a relatively small nutritional payoff. In my experience, a nice creamy dip will go a long way to getting raw vegetables into kids (and husbands), without any of the extra work (or deception).


I agree with Kate. 2 tablespoons of squash puree in french toast that serves four is hardly worth it.


I thought about getting that book so I could sneak other things into my husband's food. He doesn't eat anything! I did make chili the other day and put squash puree in it. That worked. But I haven't bought the book yet.


There's a place in Portland, Mother's Bistro and Bar that has a Mac and Cheese of the day that I think once had butternut squash in it and it was YUM.

But, if the dog wouldn't eat the chicken nuggets?

I've wondered about that cookbook - thanks for the heads up! I won't get it for my mommy friends for Christmas.


I got that book (I mortified myself by buying a celebrity cookbook) and I loved the Mac and Cheese recipe - we used the cauliflower though, and it was awesome. Everyone loved it. Squash is too sweet, but it goes well with things like corn and chicken.

Im on the fence about the book and the whole "sneaking" concept (and I hate things like meatloaf and spaghetti pie - yuck). Sneaking healthy food into fat-filled crap isn't really the point of teaching good eating habits...

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