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November 28, 2007


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I don't wear rubber gloves to do dishes but I have one of those long handled brushes so I don't have to get my hands wet.

I'll go one further on the shoes though. I can't wear flip flops. Too close to being barefoot. I need socks. (Although I do wear sandals if I have to dress up for a wedding or something.)


my knuckles are bleeding right this very moment! At work I wash my hands at least 15 times a day, and sometimes i have to use the borax super-gritty soap in order to get all of the black polishing compound out of the cracks in my skin, which ends up causing more cracks....
Sometimes i take some rubber gloves home with me and fill them up with lotion and sleep with them on. That works great until you wash your hands again :(


What kind of file cabinet did you buy? I'm looking for one that's pretty enough to sit out in our kitchen area. what does yours look like? can you reply with a link to it? :)


Ahh... rubber gloves? Is that part of the answer to these chapped, bleeding knuckles?


Oh my gosh, I hate filing so much. I mean, I love it when it's caught up, but hate doing it.

Thanks for playing. :)

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