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November 24, 2007


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she is precious. and hilarious. she's definitely her own little person--and that sort of personality could actually do something great...small comfort, I know, on certain days.


ummmmmm....... perhaps if she is old enough to ask for a boob.......she's too old period. Please for the love of God give it up already. It's down right embarrasing.


Oh for the love of God, did you just get trolled by Jojo?

Isn't it funny how some weeks are run of the mill and other weeks it's like you need a whole separate baby book to keep track of everything?


I will keep feeding my baby daughter until it really isnt convinient. If Genoa still wants to nurse, let her. She's your baby girl.



"She's bossy and opinionated and if you don't do exactly what she wants when she wants it, you're likely to get clocked or have your hair yanked or your glasses pulled clean off your face."

For the most part, I have been spared from these physical manifestations of anger. I do get lots of her high pitched screaming though.

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