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August 17, 2007


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ugghhh I hear you with the whining! Conner is about to get shipped right on out.

PS. we love to ride the lawn mowers at HD too!


Alex's expression of sheer joy is absolutely adorable as he rides the lawnmower.

Jenny H.

Home Depot for us is ALL about the tools! Aidan cannot get enough of them. Of course, his little brother has to get in on the action!


I can't wait to read all about the budget for the new house. I am so excited. It also occurs to me that I may need to get out a little more than I have been!

I am very lucky that my husband could actually care less what I do to our house. Seriously. His only stipulation? That our bedroom not be "too girly". I found a great,slightly floral, duvet cover at Target. It is a pale brown with light pink roses. I also bought light brown sheets to match. I think it was kinda from their "shabby chic" collection? The window valance is pale cream with darker cream stripes. And, I found these great Harper's Baazar postcard's from the 20's that feature the months of the year. Not at Target! Those were from an antique store! I framed them with simple matte's. They look awesome. In my humble opinion!

Now that I have bored the crap out of you, I will be done!


Why the big rush to do all the decorating and furniture-buying now? You've lived without those things up to now, what's a few more weeks/months?

If I were you (and I was in this spot a year ago), all I would worry about right now is the paint and the flooring (and window coverings, if the windows are totally bare). The rest can be dealt with after you move, but those are the 2 things that will be easier to do before there's furniture in the house.

I'm a big fan of living in a space before deciding what to do, decorating-wise. Once you get there, you might decide that you want to use the space differently than you imagined. Plus, it's easier on the budget (and your sanity), because you're not buying every single thing at once.

regular grandma

Wish I were closer and could whisk away your cares with a magic wand, like The Good Witch Glenda, and take the Munchkins out of Oz for a few hours a day, giving you time to catch up on your sleep.

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