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August 27, 2007


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What a breathtakingly magnificent view of the Columbia River. Washington on the left. Oregon on the right. I encourage everyone to click on it and then expand it on Flikr.

Just amazing.


At the Princess' first preschool, they asked us to pack extra underpants & bottoms into our child's backpack each day....just in case. It's preschool so they should be okay with minor accidents.


We do live in such an ugly state don't we...all the grey skies and the rain, OMG the rain. It is so ugly, I can't leave. I LOVE it here and have lived here my entire life!


We are just now finally getting over 4 MONTHS of pooping fear. I have no advice except to say 1) it does end, 2) having at least one toilet where he feels completely safe pooping is crucial, and 3) bribery (or "economics" as my husband calls it) does work, eventually. But not if the fear is still too great.


I had the same freak out a couple of weeks ago when my 3 year old was gearing up for school. All of a sudden she started pooping her pants again. Dr. Internet said it is common and yada yada. I made a sticker chart (duh I know!!!!) and it totally worked! I had never used one before but it was like magic! There hasn't been an accident in 3 weeks and before that she hadn't pooped anywhere but her pants for like 3 weeks. It was like a miracle! It sounds basic but try it and let us know if it works!


What's with the hate from 'Bleemer' and 'Blandajuice'?? If you don't like the blog stop reading it!

Anyhow, the Gorge is beautiful! I miss it so much. Did you go inside the dam to see the fish and the neat exhibits?


ha. You're right. It's hideous there! I much prefer the brown and dirt and tumbleweeds of my high desert home.
(I'm so jealous of your new home state I can't stand it!!)

cindy w

Meant to say this ages ago, but congrats on the new house! It's gorgeous!

And man, that is an awesome view. I thought we had ownership of all the great views in the Puget Sound area, but clearly southwest Washington has plenty of its own.


For what it's worth the toilet phobias will end eventually. Isabel did it on and off for about a year. Public bathrooms were a nightmare of screaming, crying, and not peeing. What finally worked for us was to put the decision in her hands. When I was calm and let her inspect each bathroom, pick the one she wanted and control the process it started to get better. I found the more I got impatient and tried to make her go the faster it escalated. The higher the toilet the more fear, which was strange. The pooping at school will come in its own time. Heck, all it's going to take is him pooping his pants in front of his friends one time and you'll see improvement :) Just moreo unsolicited parental advice!

Congrats on the house!


I have a child's potty in my car and when we're out and about and the kids have to go, I take them to the car. I drive a van so we can provide some privacy. I line the pan of the potty with a gallon ziploc bag. When they're done, I zip up the bag and throw it in the trash. I always but a new ziploc in when they are done, so I don't have to fumble around with it when they really have to go. Having a potty in the car works for them and for me. I know it's always clean, they are in a comfortable environment, and those who are not going to the bathroom aren't walking around in a public restroom touching everything!

Also -- preschool's are usually pretty understanding and everyone is going through the same anxiety. This too shall pass.

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