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August 22, 2007


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OMG! Too funny!
In our household, I'm the one with the sense of direction. The Hubs is just like his Mother....lost without a clue!

Rachel K

What a doll he is!!!
However it must be said that in my own experience mans is rarely gooder with directions and mans is always badder at FOLLOWING directions when the womens is right in the first place!

Mans also will never admit that they is lost!


Too funny! What is it with them anyway???

My husband just admitted (after 5 years of marriage) that I am the one with the built in sense of direction. I can always find my way!

But, he hasn't admitted to being wrong?? Go figure. I still don't like the car rides to new places because we always end up getting into an argument about which way is the right way or which way is N ect. Drives me CRAZY!!!!


Alex knows three routes to and from work. In all other instances I am in charge of directions.


Too cute!
Now...what did you buy at IKEA?

Ryan Martin

That boy of yours is just too cute for words!! I'm wondering what you got from Ikea also. How are things going with the house?? Have a fabulous day!


DH's favorite line -- "I always get where I need to go!"

Um, yeah.... who cares if your two HOURS late?!!!

It really sucks when we're on a car trip, though. He sleeps the whole time I'm driving, but I don't dare fall asleep while he's driving, for fear we'll end up in Canada or Mexico.

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