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May 21, 2006


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This reminds me of what I said to my husband right after the totally drug-free birth of my son: "Okay, I am SO over myself. If we ever do this again, remind me that I want drugs!"


Amen to drugs. It takes a very brave, smart, intelligent (insert any positive adjective you want) to admit that natural childbirth isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just because women have done it for centuries doesn't mean we still have to. My god, we wouldn't want all those chemist and wonderful drug inventors to go unrecognized.


Okay, not that I am trying to be super-woman, but I am going the non-drug route as I had a really bad medical (think malpractice and then some) experience and am VERY leery of letting them stick a needle in my back...but this was good because you have reminded me about putting something about NOT asking me if I want drugs (thank you very much nurses I will tell you if I want something) in my birth plan. Yeah yeah...I know-I'd be more comfortable with all the drugs but the control freak in me just can't get past the idea of not being in control...
Hope you get the labor you want (and soon too!!!)


That sounds like a traumatic birth story. :( I hope it goes just as planned this time.

OK, we are coming up on the day I guessed. Tomorrow should be the day. It's my birthday. :) C'mon Baby Sister!

Alicia A.

Good for you! Good luck when the time comes. (very soon)

Wow! No wonder you're planning on having an epidural. My labor went well without one and I'll do it again, hopefully w/o need of the pitocin to get my engine started. But you, you had a terrible experience and I wish you a peaceful, relaxing birth. Hey, maybe it'll go quick and by the time you haul yourself in, it will be too late for an epi and you'll get to brag by default.


um, that was me. sorry


Dude, I had the exact opposite happen -- I planned to get the epidural the minute I arrived, told the nurses I planned to get one, but then they NEVER offered it to me and I didn't realize that I needed to actually say the words "GIVE ME EPIDURAL. NOW." before they'd actually call for it.

So I made it to transition unmedicated too, kind of by accident. Then I got the epidural and it worked fantastic. Although now? I'm all, "Man, I wish I'd tried to just go all the way without it," because I think we always want what we didn't have and wonder if the option we didn't choose was the "better" one.

Or maybe because I'm crazy (which is likely, since that whole emergency c-section thing kind of wouldn't have worked out too well unmedicated).

Either way, I hope you get exactly the birth you hope for, and I hope it happens SOOOON.


I didn't realize you had such a lousy experience with Alex. It is bound to be better this time! I always joked that I was going to wear a T-shirt to the hospital that said, "Hook up my epidural NOW PLEASE!!"

Wishing you the birth you want and soon!


Ditto WonderMom - that sounds just awful. I had no idea.

With Tacy, they induced me at 41w5d. Pitocin. Unmedicated. They kept offering, and I kept telling them that it didn't really hurt. Nothing I couldn't handle. No need for that big-ass needle yet.

But when I really wanted that big-ass needle? No one to be found. For two bloody hours. I was FREAKING OUT.

Even with 16 hours of full-strength pitocin (epidural in effect for 4 of those hours), I still only got to 3cm.

Cheers to you and baby sister - may it be as easy and breezy as childbirth can be!


huh. My transisition took two hours, too, at which point I finally decided I wanted drugs but they told me I'd missed my "window" so natural it was.


I didn't get an epidural, but I'm so on board if I have another (not in the plans, but you never know, right?). A good friend had an epidural a week after my birth, and she told me, "I had a blast!" I couldn't believe I missed out on that. I hope you have a blast with this one!

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