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May 19, 2006


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That's awesome Amanda! Congratulations! That will be a great supplementary source of Target income, huh? :) Seriously, it was (well, still is) a great idea and I'm glad you're going to get some great publicity for it!

Now, surely all the relaxation has thinned out your cervix by now?


I recall half-jokingly telling Amanda that I would end up being the only paid writer in the family.

This is a wonderful opportunity that Amanda has earned and I am really proud of her.

Wendy Mac

Congrats!!! That is great news :-)

Here's hoping Baby Sister decides she wants to come out now, good luck!


you so rule.

and btw, i was cranky MY ENTIRE PREGNANCY, so you're doing well, my dear.


Very very cool! So excited for you...again!


wow amanda! what an impressive achievement. and to hear the good news ON your due date is pretty cool! i think of it as something positive to counteract the negative non-arrival of Baby Sister. see, your life IS in balance. i am proud of you and promise to be a loyal populator of your blog.


Congrats! And can't wait for your little one to arrive. I'm with you on the nerve pain - and I have three months to go. Guh.


I am literally squealing in delight! That was such a great blog idea, and then you didn't update in so long and I thought it was dead and mourned its passing, an now it's back! And I have to change a poopy diaper! But congrats!

Rayne of Terror

V cool. I've been wondering why you stopped posting there only 5 days into the project and I figured that's how budgets go :) Evily I'm hoping to win the due date contest, but that's still 10 immobile days away.



I got the rejection letter from them. But it was a nice rejection letter ;-)

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