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March 12, 2006


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I had the same runs about 2 weeks ago. 10 trips to the toilet the first day and 6 trips to the toilet the second day and it was over. Just lucky, I guess.


So sorry to hear about that DVR not working correctly. Because that episode? ROCKED!


Our Comcast DVR is on the fritz too, my husband tried to swap it out and Comcast does not have any new DVR's we are on a waiting list and we are stuck with it for the HDTV factor. I am pissed too.


I share your Comcast pain as well. I am thinking about the Dish!!!

Also find myself oddly tortured over my increasing consumerism- despite living a relatively low maintenance lifestyle - I am finding that I NEED more things- oddly, the Sleep Number Bed is high on the list though not exactly an extravagance- the guild descends.... our consumerism is seeming to accelerate with the impending arrival of our adopted child.... things like space heaters, a 4-door car - all imperatives...


I have a fairly effective ant-killer recipe, if you'd like it. I hate the evil little things.


If it makes you feel any better, Tivo does that to us sometimes too. Though, since we've upgraded to Direct Tivo, I'm not sure that it has. But that eppy did rock. But it's on Sci Fi Channel. I'm sure they'll repeat it a gazillion times. :)


Our DVR ended up recored 3 days worth of NBA basletball for no reason. We had to unplug it.

Okay, this is totally wierd, but you were in my dream last night. I am going to post about it today because it was pretty funny.

The mind is a strange strange creature!

R. Robyn

what kind of camera? i'll be jealous no matter what.


We go through periods where we are constantly spending, too and it is very disconcerting. But then you finish buying everything you er, need and your purchase patterns go back to normal.

Until the next time.

Jen Zug

That's funny about the TiVo because I have one and want a Comcast DVR! TiVo frustrates me because you have to watch what you are recording, and DUH, but I don't want to watch that show right now WHICH IS WHY I WAS RECORDING IT. A friend told me the comcast DVR can record two shows at the same time while you watch a third.

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