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March 29, 2006


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Thirty? Feh. Try 37. That's what I'm facing this fall. Nothing perky about 37. Enjoy your early 30s. And remember, it's better than the alternative.

Happy Birthday!


4 kids (including 3 teen boys) and 40 years later...I still feel like a kid. Seriously, 30-40 was tough, so much emphasis on being a Good Mommy. Turning 40 is where it's at, because the mandate to drive your SUV to soccer, piano, tae-kwon-do and PTA just...goes away. I got a Beetle convertible for my 40th, because I can't carry all the kids in it.


p.s. remember, the goal is to get old. Think of the alternative.


i'll hold you, but i don't believe you. i'm almost 28, and i don't think 30 is as old as you think it is. :)


I just turned 30 in January. You have my condolences.


Ah, 30. When I turned 30, I wore a silly hat and a Harry Potter temporary tattoo. I told folks it was a midlife crisis -- so consider yourself licenced to be silly!

Also: 33 was harder for me, weirdly, because I could no longer pretend to myself that I had JUST turned 30...


please. November? I'll be 40. 4.T. Trust me, 30's not as old as you think it is.


Heh. I turned 30 four days after Tommy was born. There's nothing like being exhausted, sleep deprived, hormonal and shell shocked from childbirth to make a girl feel old. I got over it. 30 isn't old. 80? That's old. And that's still 50 years away.


I'm 36. I *love* being the age I am! I just don't love the teensy fine lines around my eyes, but I have an excellent eye cream recommendation for you when you need it. :-)

Enjoy 30!


Ages are funny, huh? 30 seems old to us, but I was hanging out with one of the tour managers of one of my favourite bands, and she was one of the hottest people I've ever met and she was like, in her mid-40s. And I sooooooo wanted to be exactly like her. So it's not even all over :)


hey sis, did you quote that song "schfifty five" in the title of this entry? cuz, that would be cool
um, call me

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