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March 20, 2006


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Can I add this to my side bar?

far and away the farthest

Excuse me, where are your crumbled kleenex? And where are the little plastic bits and tiny toys and such that your child has realized you will carry around for them after they find them in a corner of their carseat or on the ground if they just discretely make a mommy bag deposit?


Love the Sonia Kashuk lipgloss! But does yours totally fall apart? I can't get mine to stay together, the brush always comes out of the lid no matter how many bottles of it I buy.


You have a lot of snacks in that purse. Which really is lovely by the way.


Wow, you did have a good deal of food in there. I am going to have to kick my purse up a notch.


whoa....nice bag!!


I love teal too!


Are those chewable Gas-X?


Where did you get that bag? I'm coveting it!

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