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March 29, 2006


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This is a brilliant idea! I also suck at budgeting; oh, I make beautiful budgets, reasonable and totally doable. Then I get paid and all the money (and good sense) just flies away!

But now, you can be my inspiration!


Love the idea! I will so read that. I've been thinking of applying but so far just thinking.


How very brave! Our downfall is groceries as well. And Target.


I feel like I live at the Grocery Store. We even joined an organic coop where we get our meats and other items (thinking we'd spend less) - now I think we spend the same + the damn coop.

I'm very interested to see how it works for you. I'm visiting from Amalah by the way.


I recently discovered your post on doing the surgery and turning into an incredibly hot looking gal. That was wonderful that as soon as you starting loosing the weight, you got pregnant with your son Alex. I am in the exact same position that you were in. I battle a lot of demons every day trying to make a breakthrough. But I wanted to ask you what was your first step in committing to a better lifestyle? By the way, when are you due with your 2nd baby?

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