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March 24, 2006


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thanks for the explanation on the snot thing. I thought it was like the ultimate 2-year-old dis.


He'll like them when he sees how BIG they were! That's my prediction.

Jen R

When doesn't a mother have some form of SOMETHING on her butt, though...? Whether it's snot or food or whatnot? I just was wiping off babyfood apricots ten minutes ago. Yum.


I agree with Rachel. As soon as he sees them in real life he'll know why they are so completely and totally awesome in every way!
oh, and you need to call me biznach!

Mrs. Why

I think little boys fall into two categories: dinosaur boys and truck boys. It's like the Elvis guy/Beatles buy theory in "True Romance". I have a major league dinosaur boy on my hands. Trucks are meh.


you should grab some of audrey's old dinosaurs out of the attic and see if he likes those... there are god knows how many of them up there.

R. Robyn

i thought it was just built-in to boys that they liked dinosaurs.

then again, i think girls are supposed to like dolls naturally, and all i ever wanted to do is break the heads off. (c'mon, everyone did that.)


Ah yes the slug/snail trails. Enjoy!

My older son never wanted anything to do with dinosaurs; "they freak me out!" But he still loves trucks and things that go.

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