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March 16, 2006


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For what it's worth, my wife and I bought one of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses (actually, a Canadian knock-off made of the same stuff for half the price) and once we got used to it, it was great.

It feels very stiff at first, but once you relax into it, it's wonderful. It cradles you really nicely, providing good support. It also does really nicely at not transmitting motion, so if one person (me) is flipping and flopping all over the place I don't actually wake my wife up, unless I accidentally hit her.

My wife was having a horrible time with her back when she first got pregnant, but once we got the new mattress things were much better.


I had one of those giant pregnancy pillows with my last baby and it was a life saver. I am trying to remember the name of it. It's shaped like a big U and it supports you back and your belly.

Good luck, girl! The next couple months are going to be a killer. :(


I hate to say it, but sometimes 2 beds is the answer. My husband's snoring sounds like a yak trapped in snare drum. I used to be able to sleep through it, but having a child re-wired my brain. Now we have two beds in two bedrooms. It took me a long time to accept this solution because it seems so wrong after 10 years of marriage, but after a week of good sleep I was convinced. Obviously, you won't be pregnant forever so it might not be the solution for you. But maybe just for now you could buy 2 beds and convert one into a daybed or guest bed after your life gets back to normal.


DirecTivo will record two things at once. But, then, you've got to do DirecTV. However, DH tells me their phasing their relationship out sometime in the future so you should check into that before you get one. HTH!


If you get a router of some type, you can record two shows at once with tivo.
Call them and ask before you return it. Tivo is just the best.


Okay, first of all, when you buy your mattress, spend the extra bucks to go to a higher-end specialty place with - don't punch me - dudes who do nothing but sell mattresses all day and are actually decent at it. Made a world of difference for us (and cost us...)

We got two TiVos to solve the TV problem. One just broke and we are LOST.


Don't return TiVO!!! You CAN record one show and watch another! I don't know how we did it, but there was a cord, and it involved TiVo-ing on AV1 and watching on the regular tv. But it can be done!!!

Jen R

Oh. my. God. Don't remind me because I was there. Exactly there. Same weight. Same misery. Just last spring. You'll get through it, and you'll be feeling just fine minus a ton of weight next year! I promise:)



when we re-did My Kid's room and upgraded from bunk-bed-kid's room to platform-bed-teenager's room, we let him choose his own mattress. Of course, he picked one that was more expensive than most of the others in the showroom. It doesn't have innersprings. I guess it's a foam mattress? (but not that memory foam stuff)

Well you'd think it'd be incredibly squishy but it's not at all. I have pretty serious chronic back problems (I slept in a recliner chair when I was pregnant) and I've always slept on a firm mattress b/c I was told that's what my back needs. But when my back is bothering me, I sleep in his room.

It's supportive, but you just don't really feel the mattress around you. No pressure points. Just try one out at the store. Maybe it will work for you too.


I have been trying to find an email address for you as I have been wanting to send you a thank you note. My mother has serious health issues and sleeping on her back pains her something awful. After weeks of sleeping fitfully or not at all, I read your post about sleeping on an air mattress for your pregnancy. I thought it couldn't hurt to have her try it and she LOVES it. She sleeps much better now and the relief she and the rest of the family has is amazing. Thank you very much for mentioning it, you have no idea how much it helps her. Much love from me and my family, I now include you and yours in my prayers.


You poor pregnant woman! I hated the ginormous fat part. With my last one I went from 130 to 227. And I haven't recovered(because I am lazy). That's not right. I hope you are feeling well today!

DON'T buy a new mattress until you give birth! We made that mistake. What feels good now will feel totally different once your body goes back to normal. I LOVE my bed, but whenever I was pregnant I couldn't sleep on it. I had to sleep on the couch so I could have the back support.


Delurking to second the tempurpedic suggestion. I got one when pregnant with twins, and didn't have any of the back or hip pain I'd suffered with my first pregnancy. Matter of fact, I got my OB to write a prescription for the mattress and didn't have to pay sales tax. That was Texas; your mileage may vary.

Rayne of Terror

My folks have a tempurpedic knock off and love it. It is split down the middle so any adjustments don't bother the other person, but a king size sheet covers it.

A couple other ideas, get a king or queen size memory foam and fold it in half. Pump up the sleep number bed so Dave's not rolling on you and get your softness from the memory foam. Or Aero is making bed height air mattresses. Both of these options are kind of expensive, especially after buying a new bed, but you've still got a few months to go and might be worth it.


I third the tempurpedic thing. Because I am a cheap bastard, I bought a 4 inch memory foam matress topper on Overstock.com for $169.

I am a terrible, terrible sleeper - bad back, tossing and turning - and it has changed my life. I LOVE going to bed at home now.


I hate hate HATE hate hate hate hate hath HATE, loathe, (takes breath) hate hate hate HATE my sleep by numbers bed. It sucks sucks sucks sucks SUCKS sucks. I like the soft mattress also. When my husband comes over on my side for *ahem* he catapults me off the bed because he weighs significantly more than I do. Bring it back NOW. It will be worth the effort. Hurry now, no excuses.

Jen Zug

Have you heard the newsflash? The new version of TiVo can record two shows at once! This is from the email they sent me:

Now, you'll be able to record 2 shows at the same time with the new Series2™ DT DVR, so you'll never again have to choose Housewives over Sopranos — you'll get 'em both! Hurry, TiVo subscribers get first dibs just in time for May season finales!

P.S. Eliminate the need for a phone line! The new TiVo Series2 DT DVR also comes with built-in Ethernet so connecting to your home network is a snap!

Just thought you'd want to know!

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