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March 22, 2006


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In addition to his often unintentional yet sometimes intentional harmful behavior towards others is his ongoing desire to torment poor Harry which IS ALWAYS intentional.


I rediscovered the library last year - it totally rocks. Now all the money I save on books can go towards other important things. Like shoes and cookies.


maybe it's time to get him into peewee soccer or something so he has an outlet for his aggressions?

Amy Chop

I love the idea of shopping around for a rowdy playmate. "Yes, great, he's potty trained. But will he kick my son?"


The best thing about libraries now (as opposed to 20 years ago) is that you can go online to request any book from any location in your city. They'll send it over to your local branch library and hold it for you. Then you just go pick it. I never browse the shelves anymore since it's impossible with a toddler. I breeze in, pick up the shiny new books that I requested before they were even released in the bookstores, then follow Tommy over to the kids' section. Nice!


Good morning!
I know this seems quite random and I agree that it is :). I don't remember how I stumbled over your journal but I have been glued to it since I started reading two days ago.
I started back at June 2005 after reading a few of the recent posts...and now, I am addicted :).

I am only 21 but have been a nanny, love kids, and find myself getting jealous of pregnant women around me :).

Your journal is amazing. Your writing is amazing. And, Alex is AMAZING.

Thank you for the entertaining and enjoyable reading.


Wendy Mac

I have to say I had the opposite problem. My daughter was always getting picked on and would be the one crying, and she was very very shy.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I put her in daycare 2 half days a week when she was about alex's age. Her first day a kid threw a ball at her face and she cried. Within a week (I swear it was that fast) she was so much better, and now she will totally kick back (not literally, but figuratively).

My point is, you need to have someone other than yourself handle the situation. You'll be surprised how much kids will listen to their teachers or coaches over their parents.

Also, it will give him multiple opportunities with multiple kids, providing him with more situations to learn.

And finally, I have to admit I learned a lot about good parenting techniques from the awesome preschool/daycare where my daughter went. They even had occasional classes for parents. My daughter is now a very social, loving little girl, but she'll stand up for herself, too. I'm proud to say she also stands up for the underdog on the playground, she wants to see everyone treated well.

In fact, she just was given a peacebuilder award at her school.

OK, I'll shut up. Hope this helped!


For the record, I think he only cried twice, and that was only exacerbated by his father pandering to him. I do agree with Wendy Mac's comment about kids listening to others---I think we even talked about that once, right? Like it makes more of an impact if another adult says no more than a parent saying no? I wonder how he'd do in preschool?

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