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March 23, 2006


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Hello- de-lurking here.

I'm due the end of July with our first...I feel your pain. I love our little guy, but those little feet are just wicked.
I'm pretty sure that he's still lying sideways and I worry that he's just going to pop out (a la that great scene from Alien) because he's stretching SO MUCH.

Some parts of pregnancy I enjoy but I do have to say that come August, I will be enjoying not being the host for our little (cute) parasite =)

At least you're closer to the end!


Oh, how i feel your pain. baby #2 is set to come out in...

17 days and 8 hours.

scheduled c-section.

let's just get on with it already!


I feel for ya sister... Just over a year ago I had my third and as wonderful as the little darling is... that pregnancy... THAT PREGNANCY...

Can you hear the moaning! Bless your heart, your belly, your back - and sounds like you need a bit-o-blessing for your girl bits too...

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