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March 10, 2006


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could it be just this age? (we aren't too far behind- 19 months)

Also, lots of stuff has changed in the environement lately hans't it?

Dave being home more, the new house, the new baby getting closer.

Good luck, and please send me all your tips! :-)


amanda -- HEY! i need to talk to you ASAP, lady. can you please email me as soon as possible? many thanks!


Don't stress too hard.

Boys play so differently than girls.

I had 2 girls and thought I was the world's best mom. Then I had a boy and went from the world best to the world's worst - in my mind! They just play rougher and harder and I just had to keep reminding my son that he had to be gentle. He's 5 now and I can't say that he's a soft little piece of fluff(wouldn't want that), but he's learning when it's important to be gentle and when you can play a little harder. It's hard sometimes, but don't beat yourself up over it. From what I've read you sound like a pretty good mom and he sounds like a pretty good kid.


My daughter has taken a disciplinary turn for the worse lately, too. I don't think it's our failing so much as a change in her. Just try to be as consistent as possible and hopefully this too shall pass :)


lol. my boys are always ramming stuff, and they always play differently than the girls when one of my mom-friends with girls comes overs. boys are just ruffer and tuffer.


I don't think it's a boy thing neccesarily. My boy is very gentle, but one of his big sisters? Oy vey. Some kids are just more rambunctious than others. I don't think anything has "gone wrong with the discipline" just keep showing him how to be gentle, and put any toy that's a repeat offender in "time-out".


It's the age and the fact that he's a boy. Trust me. Been there, done that, designed the t-shirt.

I discovered shortly after the birth of my second child that my child's behavior and personality has very litle to do with me, or my parenting skills. Obviously he's better for the fact that I don't lock him in a closet and beat him senseless, but as far as everything else goes- he came that way. I could never figure out why he was so intense and so rough. I thought it was me until My daughter was born, and she was a complete opposite. Melow, sweet, sleeps better, everything 180. I no longer take credit for any of their behavior, good or bad. It's just who they are. I'm just here to love them and help them learn to live with themselves and the world around them.

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