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March 21, 2006


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OMG, I so have to tell my husband about the Fire Hose trick! That's cracking me up. Love it.


The other day Alex (4) came home from daycare at my girlfriend's house with his "gingie"...stuffed gingerbread man...and the hat was torn off of it. He said that "Jordyn did it." I asked him if that made him sad, and of course it did, and then I asked him what he said to her when she did that to his gingie. His reply? "I said, Give it back, you bitch, it's mine!" Hee. She kinda deserved it.


Alex is obviously, OBVIOUSLY a genius. Which is going to be difficult to juggle with also being The Most Beautiful Male-Child On The Planet. I'd just start giving him whatever he wants soon, since he will know best.


Oooh. fire hose.

My son and Husband do a cross-stream pee:

"Wait Daddy, there is no pee in my penis yet!" if Husband starts to pee independently


"Daddy, come here. Time to pee!" if he has to go but Daddy doesn't.

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