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August 01, 2005


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this was FAN-freaking-tastic. awesome. excellent. superlative! GREAT!

i was lamenting to mark tonight we could not live closer. thank you so so so so much for your generosity and hospitality. even getting shamed by damned dirty hippied was nice.



It was great to meet you. I could tell I love your sense of humor after sitting next to you for oh, about 3 minutes. So glad to have met you and I will happily keep reading your stuff.
Now I have to work on getting you to swear......


I love it! Except there was nothing about your hotness in there.


i feel so smushy about this weekend its ridiculous. and here i thought i was such a hardass and everything.



Absolutely amazing wrap-up! You are too freaking cute. I just loved meeting you (Even if you are "of the foul-mouthed Mommy Blogger" sect.)


po.et.try. wow.


Perfect! That IS the best wrap up ever. Mwah!

Rayne of Terror

I'm so envious that you got to meet all the cool kids :)


Absolutely wonderful! It was so good to meet you even if I was a little tipsy at that point. i hope i didn't bore you too much.


Love it!


I'm so envious too! I wish I could be a stalker just like you! It sounds like you girls had a blast and makes me PROUD to be a mommy blogger if I can possibly be in that company of women.

Kelly AKA Fat Housewife

That was totally cute!!


My new short list :

- become a better blogger
- become a mom

I want to join your ranks, you guys are the bestest


Wow, Amanda, what a trip to remember! Love the poem, especially the section about mommy bloggers -- well said. You got to party Dooce? I'm so jealous but I'm not cool enough to hang with your crowd. ;)


after reading this, i wish i had sought you out so that i could've basked in your presence while AT BlogHer. this post is genius. i'm still laughing.

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