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July 21, 2005


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As we have discussed (and "disgust"!) several times, you and I are in the same nursing boat. If we don't do something soon, our kids may still be nursing when they are married.

One thing - when Nadia was 6 months old and the PNP told us that she should be able to put herself to sleep, I stopped nursing her in her room or last thing before she goes to bed. She still got (and still gets) an evening nursing, but it is way before she goes to bed and in a different room. I DID NOT want her to think of it as a going to bed activity.


Your plan doesn't sound mean at all. And it sounds like it'll work.

When ours decided to start a "wake in the middle of the night" habit, we eventually just had to go in and tell him, "It's bedtime, you have to lay down, Mommy and Daddy are going to sleep now."

And eventually, it worked.

Good luck to you.


Not mean at all, it's all part of them learning.

I hope it's going well. I know the first 24 hours are always the most difficult for us, as he learns his new boundries and I learn how he's going to react to them. Once that is over he is usually pretty easy to deal with.

Hoping for a smooth transition!


i am thinking about you as well. i hope things are going ok.


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