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July 19, 2005


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You know, I had a big list of reasons why he shouldn't be worried about that tomato, but you've probably given him all the same reasons already, and why would he listen to a complete stranger over YOU? Eat that tomato yourself, and really enjoy it. There is nothing tastier than home-grown tomato, and while it's a pity the boys had to miss out, it's nice to have a special treat to yourself once in a while.

Amber Wyman

So, what kind of tomatoes have you been buying? And are your home-grown ones organic?


Do you have any wiccan friends who can come do a tomato-cleansing/purifying ritual for you? Otherwise, I'll be happy to use some!

Also, I'm sure the tomatoes Dave DOES eat were watered by sprinklers that express all the day old hot baked water from their pipes (into a special bin where it's never again used on an innocent plant, but sent to the CIA where it's used in WMD development) before allowing the pure cool water to drench the tomato soil.


I'd reply, but I'm laughing too hard at Sheela's post. That, and the fact, that once again, Dave proves that he is Adeeb's alter ego.

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