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July 23, 2005


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I truly hope that the nights continue to go well for you. Sleeping thru the night is one of the small miracles we've been blessd with since Bug was about 6 months old. A way to go with getting him back to sleep without "boobage"!


what is your flickr url?


Sounds like you're doing great. I didn't have to wean my guys. Ben disliked the way my milk tasted when I got pregnant with John, so he weaned himself at 12 months (devastating me, by the way). John was down to one nurse before naps at 22 months and one day he just said "No," and that was it. I wish I had more advice. I'd just say, be firm, get him down to once a day (not night), then cut him lose! Maybe take him to the store to buy some special sippy cups and to buy some special "big boy" milk? Give him lots of cuddles without the nursing, maybe during story time?

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