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January 31, 2005


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When to stop nursing seems like a very personal thing to me, and it actually annoys me that people in our culture make across-the-board judgments about it. If you still want to nurse him, and he still wants to nurse, why stop? It's not weird. Do what makes you happy. It's perfectly natural, seriously.


I can only say that I agree completely with Elizabeth.


Hi Everyone,

Sounds like a real dilemma you should be thankful you can feed mine only got the first two months and I had to stop as it was to painful to continue.


i hear ya, cathy. i only lasted 7 weeks. i was crying and crying at just the suggestion of her feeding and my right breast made enough milk for a small continent and leaked without end. you're lucky amanda. i can see why you wouldn't want to let it go.


I should definitely have mentioned that perhaps one additional reason why I fear stopping is that nursing was so horrifically dreadful for us at first. My nipples literally peeled off my body - multiple times - and Alex failed to regain his birthweight for several weeks. I had to take him in DAILY to be weighed before and after he nursed. His first six weeks were dreadful, poor little bugger. We spent a fortune on a lactation consultant and a very fancy pump so I could keep nursing full-tilt after I went back to work.

But we got through it, fortunately, and he's yet to injest a morsel of formula, something I have to admit I am very proud of - probably because I remember how HARD it was.

I mention all this not to get on some nursing-nazi highhorse, but because it further explains my reluctance to turn off the spiget now that it's running so smoothly. Nursing this easily is a blessing.


So nice to come across your blog! I am not even sure how I got here, (I just find myself clicking and clicking through blogs) I am on child #2 (8 weeks old) and I truly thought I was the only one going through the fire burning sensations of breast feeding and continuing to push on for the good of my child! Nice to "read" you... I'll be back!

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