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September 13, 2004


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I think you left out the part about him going from 8-3/4 lbs to 18 pounds in the first six months of his life and only gaining 3 pounds during the entire second six months of his life.

Yes, I am a wee bit concerned.

Boy's Overly Concerned Daddy


Joe rarely gets meat, except for those foul "meat sticks" that are in a jar. He occasionally gets bits of chicken and eats them, and my MIL will feed him bits of ground beef or lamb, but really, he's not a big meat-eater.
I worry about his protein intake, so I try giving him a lot of eggs (easy to make in so many different ways!) and yogurt. I'm also a terrible mom because I cut up cubes of toast for him in the morning with a light peanut butter smear. So far, no allergic reaction. Oh yes, and the prerequisite cheese cubes.
But as for actual MEAT, yeah, not so much.

Missed seeing you guys this weekend. Hopefully soon, though!! :)


Unfortunately Alex is allergic to eggs - he breaks out with a tiny rash within 30 minutes. Who knew eggs were in EVERYTHING?

I'm going to see what the pediatrician says about nutrition at this age. I want a list - it's the old dieter in me - how many grams of protein, how many calories, etc. I'll let you know what it says. His appointment is in a few weeks.


I'm sure he is growing exactly the way he's supposed to be growing, and I doubt there's anything to worry about. Kids are supposed to have spurts and slowdowns. And look at it this way: my boy is very tall with a big head, and he was walking much later than yours as a result because it was hard for him to balance. So being small-ish has its advantages.

In re: meat, I feed it to him as often as we eat it. Meaning, usually (but not always) for dinner. Cheese, yogurt or 'fu for lunch. Cereal for breakfast. The closer his diet is to ours, the easier my life is, and that's what it's all about! ;D


Dear Boy's Concerned Father:

While it seems like it would be better for him to grow at that same rate all the time, he sounds totally normal. My son is about the same age, and about the same size. Born at 5 pounds, 14 ounces (he's a twin) and at age one, weighs 22 pounds. He's in size 18 month clothing. If they kept doubling their weight every six months, well. That'd probably not be so good. LOL! Has your little man been to the pediatrician for his 12-month checkup? I'll bet the doctor will tell you he's healthy and growing just great!

P.S. Our babies eat meat about as often as yours. I try to emphasize a protein and a carb at every meal. Sometimes it's chicken and noodles. Sometimes it's cottage cheese and yogurt.

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