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September 08, 2004


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WOW! I loved your entry. I think the hardest, and least talked about part of weight loss is seeing that fat girl in the mirror even once you are "thin". I lost 150 pounds 2 years ago, and although I've recently regained 20 (for some reason my scale seems to like a certain number I don't), I still feel like I have more of a handle on PCOS. Congrats on a beautiful you (although I have to say you were beautiful in the first picture too) and a beautiful baby to boot!


That was beautifully written. Having met you IRL, I would never have known you to be "the fat girl". I was, too....you'd think I still am, but believe it or not, I've lost a bunch. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm better than I was. Alex is such a blessing in more ways than one, really. Were it not for wanting him, you might never have gotten healthy enough to have him. And a world without that cutie-pie would be a drab place, indeed. :)


Your baby is such a cutie. And you look so very healthy. Due to a combination of thyroid surgery and just plain bad eating habits, I got up to 250. I'm now at 225. I never thought I'd see the day that I would look at a scale and be happy to see 225! My active job(s) leave me little time to eat, and I am thankful for all the stairs at work...I'm so glad that the surgery worked for you and you got to have such a cute little guy!


What a story, Amanda! Wow, and good for you! Very best of luck in the contest, but in a way, it sounds like you already won!

sarcastic  journalist

i think you look really beautiful. i can imagine it might have been hard to tell your story, but it is wonderful and inspiring.


As someone who has also had GB sugery, you hit the mark all the way. Thanks for writting I hope to see you on the top 7.


As someone who has also had GB sugery, you hit the mark all the way. Thanks for writting I hope to see you on the top 7.

Aunt Rinda

Manda, Being a member of the family I'm prejudiced but you have done an amazing thing in losing all that weight. It took lots of willpower on your part and lots of ignoring what your hubby would eat in front of you but, "baby, look at you now!" Be proud!

Cynical Mom

Great entry! I lost a bunch of weight myself that I just blogged about, not nearly as much, but I understand the food altar. And I have an 18 month old cutie-pie myself :-)


I never would have guessed... My first reaction to your picture was 'she is so beautiful!'. And you are.

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