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November 07, 2016


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Amy Shaughnessy

I love this post. Well, I mean, I hate that your car is wrecked and you had to write it, but I love the journey that you took me on reading it. I've been following you for years (since before Genoa was born - Hi, I'm a lurker) and have seen your ups and downs, but this may be the most amazing thing I'v seen you write and compelled me to come out of the shadows and let you know.

"I actually believe it would do nothing to help me and it would only make it more difficult for her life to ever get any better...

I have SO MUCH privilege right now and in recognizing that, all I'm left with is grace. I have no ethical choice but to extend it to her. I just wish it felt better. I wish she deserved it, but that's not how grace actually works."

I know that grace will come back around to you, and when it does I hope you feel everything you want to be feeling now x 1000, because YOU deserve it.


reminds me of the mother that asked the judge to show her son mercy - the judge said her son didnt deserve mercy - she said, if he deserved it, it wouldn't be mercy

i too am a long time lurker - started reading you before you moved from california - so glad you're back writing - I've lurked on blogs for decades but today was the first time I've commented on two of them - really feel the need to connect with people these days - thanks for all the good writing - and living

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