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November 02, 2016


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Yay for you! This is such a freaking hard lesson to learn but I always come back to how much I enjoy working with people who respect my time and talents. And there are way more of them out there just waiting to work with me if I can fire the less stellar clients.

Also, I am so excited for NaBloPoMo!

Lipstick Jane

So wonderful to see you posting again. You've been missed.

And no you were not being a mean girl. You set a boundary and will stick to it. Good for you.

I admire & commend your choice to not drink. I understand where you're coming from about having to drown the voice.

I look forward to more posts. Happy November!

Heather Morris

You are absolutely doing the right thing, setting boundaries is so important! I am a self employed photographer and struggle with issues like this, and it's always hard to be the one who enforces my own rules. As ridiculous as that sounds, it has gotten easier but never easy. You should be proud of yourself!!!

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