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April 24, 2016


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"I keep wondering why if I just end up defaulting to monogamy anyway, why judge myself?"

The real question is why you judged others who made that choice.


I hope it works out for you, but don't you realize this is the exact same thing you say every time you break up with one guy and start dating another? How can anyone trust your judgement at this point?


From your own blo

"Most important is that I have never had a relationship work as well as Patrick and I do. We live together really spanking well. SURPRISINGLY well. It might be the thing that makes our polyamory work. We get to fill our tanks up with each other every day - twice, thrice a day - so giving a little of our gas to someone else isn't a thing at all. It's just a good use of some extra fuel. My love tank has never been this full and the strange thing is? I'm not seeing anyone else but Patrick right now. He is My Person. I'm his. This house is the best home I have ever had. My guts runneth over."

Might need to edit your history better


Love you! You're amazing, fuck anyone who disagrees with your own empowerment! I'm so happy you are happy with your sobriety, your monogamy, and yourself 💕💕


I hope it works for you Amanda. I am glad you are feeling strong and confident. As for the commentors who are throwing your previous words back at you, Fuck em. Blogging is about growth, and you don't feel today what you did that day. That is personal growth, and they should shut the hell up.


I think the thing I admire about you best is that no matter how tough things were in the past, or how what you wanted with past relationships didn't turn out how you dreamt they would, you never give up! You have a positive mindset and while others look at it as you making yet another mistake, I feel it is more - trying again, and not allowing yourself to stay knocked down. You go girl! Find your happiness and "do you"! I'm happy to hear that you are considering your children this time around though -they deserve to be loved, just as much as you do.


From a professional who has worked with survivors of abuse for years: please be careful with men who are eager to commit and eager to immediately step in and gain access to your children. If it seems too good to be true, it may be false. Proceed, sure! But proceed with caution.


Oh my God, Amanda - your Instagram feed. STOP TAKING PICTURES WHILE DRIVING. Even worse - driving while taking pictures (yes, you're driving, it's all motion blur out the window) AND a dog in your lap. NO. Driving and using phone is illegal. Small dogs in laps is borderline illegal and SHOULD be illegal. It's dangerous and stupid.


I have been reading you for a long time...but sometime after your divorce and the initial relationship with the guy you did the religious blog with, I kind of stopped reading. I've always loved you, but just couldn't relate that much anymore.

But I will tell you that today I read this post and you feel more "together"...maybe a little like your old Republican self (lol) but with influences of the single you in there.

Life is about growth. I did go back and re-read some of the older posts mostly because I wanted to see pics of the kids and HOLY CRAP THEY ARE GROWN!!!

You look good. Keep doing you. :)


When you say"I wish he had been the man he thinks he is." I think this: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” Kurt Vonnegurt

Believing in people who project an image can destroy me. It's been proven.

Believing in an image can create me. It's also been proven.

One of the things that makes life so difficult.

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