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July 16, 2015


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Pool Running is a great alternative - invest in a good pair
of waterproof headphones :)


You sound so discouraged! I can just imagine how overwhelming this healing process looks to you. With your allergy to NSAIDS, have you considered using essential oils to help manage the swelling and pain? They aren't a cure for the damaged/destroyed cartilage, but I've seen (experienced) amazing results for similar injuries. I would be more than happy to help you explore EO options if you're interested. Meanwhile, I wish you well on your journey.

Linda Anthony

Oh, sweety. I so relate. And despite the pain you're in, I admire your going to fair. I so wanted to do fair. Instead, I laid around in severe back spasms. Looking longingly at the pass sitting on the the counter that I placed there to motivate me to reconsider. And try. To. Go. To. Fair.
The past few months have been filled w all sorts of agony. Finding decent medical and mental Heath care being a top contender for a whole other kind of agony.
And your weight issues are so similar to mine. Even down to that magical 200 lb number. Ugh.
So glad you have your family and your tribe behind you. I lack that and it makes healing harder when you feel alone in the struggle.
I hope you find the right Dr and treatment that will give you back your beloved running. But if it's not possible, I know you will come up with some fabulous replacement once you start healing your injury.
I hope to be able to get to Pdx soon and get a chance to visit w you.
Much love, Linda

PS. Before this back injury, my one big owwy was my knee.
Accupunture has kept it at bay. Have you tried it?

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