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November 29, 2013


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Maybe I'm just not evolved enough to understand your logic, but how is cooking and eating large amounts of Indian food different than cooking and eating large amounts of a traditional Thanksgiving meal? Other than one stinking up your house for days, I don't see the difference in your perception of gluttony. Because after reading "holidays dedicated to gluttony aren't my thing" I expected; 'so I skipped it and volunteered somewhere or skipped it altogether and had a regular day'... but to follow the gluttony statement with a story about cooking Indian food for 20 friends is just a complete disconnect.


The meal was delicious! The company was beautiful, intelligent and remarkably kissable!

Veggie Thanksgiving! FTW!

Janet McCandlas

Wow Amanda.

You don't enjoy making the traditional Tgiving feast, so apparently now you don't get to enjoy making any kind of a feast.

Because you wrote the word 'glutton' in your post, you don't get to follow it up with the account of a healthy meal you cooked for a large group of friends who just happened to all have Tgiving day off.

No disconnect that I can see here, but apparently:


In the Jennyverse, it sucks to be Amanda.


I really don't know a lot of people that would say Thanksgiving is about just the food. For me-it's about family, giving thanks, and sharing a (sure) big meal. So-you spent the day with your family (yourpeople), talked about everything you're grateful for and made a non-traditional feast. Sounds like Thanksgiving to me. Just not a traditional meal. You know-you don't have to be so "different" all the time .. . :)

Kathy C.

"Budding romance" with Lela??

Do tell.


nice enough post, but i'm not sure why you wouldn't want to involve your kids in your thanksgiving. is it just because it does not involve turkey and stuffing?

your post and pictures seem "traditional" to me....?? or why not start new traditions with the sprogs.


Yeah, rutch, that's kind of the thing, isn't it.
T-day's not really about the food. It's about spending the time together, making memories and reminiscing.
But..."I won't have my kids for T Day because it's all about cooking a meal and feasting on it like gluttons. However, I will cook a non-traditional meal and invite friends (who are not my children) to come feast on it with me like gluttons."
What the hell is that about, Mandy?


I guess you can't feel comfortable having your kids for Thanksgiving when the main thing you're thankful for is your bounty of sexual partners.

How sad that your friends are all people who can't or won't spend time with their own families on Thanksgiving. I don't think I know one person who would be willing to forego that experience-how the heck do you manage to know 20 such misfits?


Wow-harsh. I know A LOT of people who would prefer to spend Thanksgiving with friends rather than family/extended family! And there are those that live far away from family and can't afford to fly there or afford the time off. Hardly misfits. I count myself lucky that I enjoy my family's company rather than just tolerate it.

And really-your family doesn't necessarily need to be related to you. I consider all the people I love to be my family.


Wow, people love to spew hate at you don't they? Yeesh. My only comment is that one day you might want your kids to have some Thanksgiving memories with you. They don't have to include turkey and dressing. Thanksgiving, like any other holiday, can be whatever you make it. Spend time with them doing whatever they like to do, take them somewhere to volunteer, teach them how to make that awesome Indian food. Just let them know you're thankful for them. Just a thought.


If I were you I'd keep most of this to myself in fear that my kids would be taken away from me.


Where did you go, Crazy?

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