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August 23, 2013


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No bitching. Thanks for the update.

Miss A

Great update. However intrigued about your parents. I am also a survivor of child abuse and attend therapy with others. None of us would ever go spend time (happily) (unhappily maybe) with your parents. What's the deal? Genuinely interested after everything you revealed about them. No judgement here!!!


Did I miss info about the history with Manda's parents? I don't recall seeing anything that would prevent her from having a healthy, happy, adult relationship with them.


I've gained 10 pounds too! But life has been so good, that it's really more proof of life. Way to go for living, Manda.

Damn, Amanda !!!!
How the hell did I miss this???... I came to your site to re-read some blogs, as my relationship is quietly imploding with my cowardly bald bf, as while I'd like to down a vodka with CL Appletini, my unstapled guts are cringing, so you'll just havta do...Thank you!!!
p.s It's fucking hotter then hell in MN!!!


Amanda. For serious. All the Tweets & FB posts... you struggle paying bills, don't pay car insurance or registration (AND COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING "LET OFF EASY") but you're going to go blow some more money on tattoos? And buy new running shoes? What gives????

Amanda P. Westmont

Gift certificate for the shoes (AND FUCK YOU! Running is for my mental health and if that requires shoes, I'm going to buy them no matter how poor I get). My boyfriend paid for the tattoos. 

BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Best investment ever.


Did he? Awhile back you got a tax refund and instead of saving it for things like car insurance, you got yourself a tattoo and paid for tattoos for others. Just sayin'.

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