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July 31, 2013


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If you don't need the money from the garage sale, (and if you hadn't already thought of this), have another "garage sale" this weekend where you advertise everything as free, or "fill a bag for a dollar". And, of course, ADVERTISE EVERYWHERE. CraigsList, Kijiji, Facebook (I know my town has several "buy/sell/swap" pages on FB), EVERYWHERE.

cindy w

Random thought - I know you love your running, but if the scheduling is adding to your stress level, why not skip the half-marathon this time? There will always be more half marathons later.

I don't mean for that to sound critical, I'm just thinking that if you're stressed out about something that you do to alleviate stress, that seems sort of counter-productive, no?

Jamie Brazil

Amanda, Frank forwarded your post to me. He's on his way to the WW conference. Worried for you. Pay it forward and GIVE all your excess stuff to SAGE, let her sell it and keep all the money. This will give her enough money for a fresh start. We all need a fresh start sometimes, right? You won't have the burden of hauling all your old stuff away. WIN WIN!


Wait, you haven't registered your car yet? That you've had for how many months?


oooooo. i like jamie's idea. :)


I am bipolar. So are you. This is the part of mania that isn't fun. Please, please take care of yourself.

P. Bogan

Oh my God lady ! i just did a maraton session of reading on your blog. What happened to you? you used to be normal. Now you are a dumpster fire. I can only assume, and hope this is all made up so your clicks will get bigger. But, to be safe, I will pray for your childrens safety.


Mac cosmetics are expensive. You could buy lots of school supplies for the cost of one eyeshadow...where are your priorities?


You're railing on her for buying $15 eyeshadow? She works in the beauty industry for Christ's sake. No one buys cheap shit that runs out in 3 months - tops and needs to be touched up 2-3 times a day.

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