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  • My first novel started with a mole. Yes, a MOLE - a freckle, a birthmark, whatever you want to call it.
  • I was at the pool with my daughter getting ignored by our swim instructor when a lifeguard with a particularly ripped abdomen walked by. He stopped to flirt with one of the female lifeguards and my eyes flew directly to an adorable mole on the top can of his six-pack.
  • "How cute!" I thought (among other things). "He looks like a character in a romance novel!"
  • So I went home and started writing fiction for the first time. That was over a year ago and I still haven't been able to stop. GRAVY is the story of a suburban housewife who wants another baby, but gets a man with a mole instead.
  • GRAVY is now available on Kindle and Nook!

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April 01, 2013


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This year's picture is amazing!


Pure, direct, unadulterated sunlight at FULL force (usually a woman's worst enemy!).

Eyes radiating happiness!

You had the most revealing picture with the most happiness.

The juxtaposition is amazing!


I do not know how anyone could misunderstand your post on your dog-- people on the internet can be so crazy! You will make the best decision you can and you have certainly been good to your dog.


Ok, first - you look awesome!
I love the idea of this project and I am totally stealing it for my own.
I looked at your old pics, you have aged nicely :)
I didn't realize how much your kids look like you!


happy happy happy birthday. may the year be fulla good chocolate, better wine, authentic relationships and VAGINAS!!!!!! yay 37!


One you look great. Two happy birthday. Three as I poke around and peek at the older pictures you so generously linked up, I come to realize that I have been following your blog for YEARS and that most of the time this fact gets away from me.


Happy Birthday!! And, what better way to celebrate than with a half marathon!! (I did Chicago (yes, the full!) with a girlfriend to celebrate turning 40) You are such a gorgeous badass. (and I totally expect a post on the race because I am a running dork and live through other people's races)

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