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February 20, 2013


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Rachel R.

I got a call out in your blog. HOLLA! And so happy that you're doing well, Lady. :)


Me likey you happy. Content? Yay!
Be who you are is simple and elegant.


Sounds like you are seriously rockin' life lately!


A family reunion? A family reunion!

Go, Amanda, go! I'm rooting for you.

Of all the difficulties you've had in the last few years, I think the issues with your family have pulled at my heart the most.

I hope you are able to find peace with them, and that your trip is full of joy and healing.


So when are you going to pay it forward? Come on, you have some money now.


What Zee said.

For people who donated money to you when you were in a state of emergency (and there are SO many!) only to see money spent on these stupid tattoos you could have had drawn on with a sharpie, well, at best it hurts and at worst,it feels like one has been scammed. Take down your Donate button Amanda. You don't deserve any.


5 = You, Joel & the 3 kids?

Just checking.


Seriously people? I didn't know it was a rule that if you pay it forward you must rent a billboard and brag about it? Humble much? How the heck do you know that she did not pay it forward? Get over yourselves.

With that out of the way, love the tats, glad you and Joel are happy and working it out and your kids are cute as ever. Enjoy your good times!


Someone posted this about you on GOMI last month when you were once again whining about how broke you always are. I think it's a perfectly fitting comment for this post:

"This is why she is such a freak show.  Less than a month ago she was explaining how it is that people don't get waxed close to Christmas and that was why she was broke and now that we are under a week into the new year, she's planning her third and fourth tattoos rather than remembering the humbling position she was in and making sure it doesn't happen again.

I don't like the Good Poor Person poverty narrative that so often plays out in discussions of the financially strapped.  I think if times are tough and a coffee at Starbucks once a week or a new box-dye job for your hair perks you up, only an asshole would tell you that you suck because you should have hoarded every penny against cruel fate and you deserve to suffer indefinitely because you spent five bucks on a cocktail that one time.
But Amanda tests my liberalism in a way only Cecily comes close to.  She's such a fucking idiot.  She wastes money like she's getting paid to do it.  

Yes, by all means Amanda, spend all your time working at very low wages so you can escape the hum drum because you are too special for a job that involves regular hours and (god help us all)  a desk.  Pretend that you won't waste all the money from the second job the way you waste the money from your current job.  And if you manage to get that second job, keep drinking at a rapid clip and frying your hair into near baldness rather than leaving it alone and looking just fine.  And when you end up in November 2013 as broke as you were in 2012, get Genoa to write "DUMBFUCK" across your forehead and go get your fifth tattoo!  You'll have earned it!"


Lorinda, when someone says they are going to pay forward $10 for every $1 donated... and the original donation was enough to pay her rent and utilities for a month... I'm pretty sure we'd have heard about it. You know that Manda doesn't do a hell of a lot that she thinks is "altruistic" without telling us alllllll about it.

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