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January 03, 2013


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taylor k.

i really like these! I never went to disney growing up and (even though i hate all things disney) i wanted to take my kids. We finally just paid for our trip using FIVE piggy banks full of change. Those pennies add up. You can do it! :)


This may sound weird, but how are you a size 4 at 150-155 lbs? I'm 5 foot 7 and my weight is in that range and my pants are size 10, and even then only if the jeans are stretchy! Please share your weight voodoo. :)

Amanda P. Westmont

I wish I knew, Melissa! I think the running is making me lean - especially my legs. That and I think about 20 pounds of the weight I'm carrying right now is just excess skin, which is gross, but doesn't take up much space. I haven't actually taken measurements, but I'm guessing I'm mostly a size six, which breaks my brain. It's so hard to know what size you are when every manufacturer has different sizing!


Letting it go is hard but learning how to do it really has been one of the most rewarding things in my life. I made me fell 1000 pounds lighter.

Rachel R.

It could be the manufacturer's size, Melissa, like Amanda wrote. I just bought a pair of size 5 and size 3 jeans, and both fit exactly the same. The 5 seems to be random, since most brands show that I'm a 3. But the occasional 5 will pop up. I'll never understand sizings.

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