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January 10, 2013


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Cute cut. Try red again...

Jen D.

I know I don't know you IRL and I all I know about your relationship with Joel is what you share with us, but...

I know what it feels like to be in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way. You will take any attention they give you and it's usually something self-serving for them. Don't let Joel keep doing this to you. He may not be trying to use you, but he is, and it is not what you need. It sucks, it hurts, it feels impossible, but WALK. AWAY. You ARE strong enough to go on without him and find someone who won't break your heart over and over again.

Been there, done engaged to a great guy I've been with for 6 years who has never hurt me. Take care of yourself.


I like the haircut! Very classy, very stylish. I get it though: It's hard to get used to "short" when it's on your own head.

Amanda P. Westmont


There's an ocean of difference between "impossible" and "unrequited." Joel and I suck at a lot of things (like breaking up) but we have never been more in love.


I like the hair, Amanda. :)


Just my impression Jen (I only know what's on the blog) but it seems like they're deeply in love just not able (capable? willing?) to be what the other needs right now.

Or I might be projecting based on my own history. But it doesn't seem like either of them is using the other without permission. Relationships are complicated. I'm just hoping they'll find a solution that leaves everyone (including kids) feeling safe, secure, and surrounded by all the love they deserve. Everyone deserves that.


I think it's great if you are BOTH still in love. Then why not go back to a mutually monogamous relationship, whith the simple change being you don't live together?

If he balks at that, you both have deeper problems, and need a true break. If You balk at that, same as above. But it's the kids who are getting confused in all of this, don't forget.


I think the hair cut is great.

The problem seems to be that your hair color is washing you out. You can't fix that with lipstick. The red only brings attention to it.

It's only a guess from the picture. The real problem could have been the flash!

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