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January 04, 2013


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I'm doing it with you lady! Not the running (soon yoga though), but the quitting. I've become quite regular. :(


Ok Amanda. If you give up smoking, I can definitely give up Diet Pepsi. Deal?

I am downloading that picture of you as thinspiration. How about that?

Terasa Blundell

Mrs. D WOULD be proud! You were always a good athlete, I should KNOW! I was in your PE Class girlie!!! (Just don't wear those gawd awful green and gold gym clothes to the new gym ;-))You can DO THIS and do it so very well :) I am proud of you. I remember envying you when we did Volleyball, because I felt like I just wanted to NOT GET HIT and you were all up in that balls face... Girl, you are amazing, don't ever forget it.


My dad took up running in 1969. He smoked 3.5 packs a day. He quickly learned you can smoke or you can run, not both. He chose running. He's still running, and still not smoking, and he's 76. :)

Ric McCoy

I think it is great that you quit smoking and are going to the gym for a healthy life style for it is a life style change. Keep up the good work and stay focused.


Holy smokes, you look great! I'd love to lose some extra weight but I pack on muscle! From a few of your past posts I imagine that the break-up and/or stress in relationships have aided a bit with the weight loss. I went from 180 to 140 in less than 6 month back in '06 when I first met Mr. Frosty. Good on you for getting out there to the gym too - cause losing weight is one, but getting fit is another. Running has killed my flexibility. Killed it. Yoga gives me some vague semblance of it back.

Jaclyn Janssen

I can relate to everything you write in this post. I think it's time I quit the nasty habit and find a new one. How's your running experience going for you? (ALSO hate to run). :)

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