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December 18, 2012


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Perfectly stated.


What does losing your keys have to do with being a Democrat? I'm the most liberal person I know. I'm also the most organized efficient and non-forgetful.


do not feel guilty about having your universe. be thankful, and give thanks for it every day. it is the best way to show Newtown that their tragedy did not go unnoticed.


I understand completely . ..I've never been one to worry about things I can't control but this tragedy has shaken me to the core. I can't see any news coverage or think about it without crying. I kept the news off all weekend and kept Jo and I busy with lots of fun activities. Then I see the names of the children and there's a Josephine, 6. Like a punch to the gut all over again. I don't know how those parents will get through this. I certainly don't know how I would.

BTW-I also don't get the lost keys/Democrat reference . . .


I haven't stopped crying either. Thank you for putting this into words.


This might be flippant, but my favorite part of this is that you named your Clonazepam Pam. And so, shall I refer to mine from now on. :) (Now I just need a nice nickname for Sertraline and Trazodone.)

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