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November 05, 2012


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taylor k

I also voted for (and campeigned hard for) McCain last time around. This year, however, I feel like I am looking at the bigger picture. I want to secure recognition, access to funding, and mainstream debate participation for the libertarian party - even without winning the presidency this go round, we can do that with just 5% of the American vote in this election. That is the bigger picture. That makes it more likely for people to even know these type of candidates exist (because right now their exposure is extremely limited) in future elections and to get a libertarian in office to fix our countries problems. Both Obama and Romney support socialized medicine and healthcare mandates, Section 1021 of the NDAA, the Patriot Act, the TARP bailouts, endless war policing, the CISPA, and so many other things that are aimed directly at taking away our freedoms and making government bigger - not smaller. These are the reasons that I can not in good conscience vote for Romney OR Obama. They are essentially the same candidate and would essentially be the same president. No real or substantial change will occur by voting in Romney - minor changes, yes, but nothing substantial. Romenycare is different than Obamacare, as an example, but they are both still forms of socialized medicine. Are they not? Real change will only happen if we stop the Left! Right! Left! Right! March that has been going on for decades and decades and decades.

I am voting for Johnson, without regret, but with that being said I do consider Romney to be a more charitable man than Obama - He has donated more of his personal money than Obama has by millions. He doesn't have my vote, but i admire his willingness to give his own money away like he has done time and time again. I don't think any politician should be able to take our money via illegal tax and then forcefully give it away and consider it charitable... Giving your own money speaks volumes, though.

Its going to be an interesting election. Its only hours away from ending and there are still so many people who are undecided.


Hooray Amanda! There's much more to being a democrat than being poor! caring for others while not caring who others care for.

Taylor it is not hard to be charitable when you have that much money. Look at where it came from and that's where my problems with Romney begin. Then he picks Ryan as vp. The differences are substantial and as a libertarian, I'd think you wouldn't want the government weaseling in between a woman's legs to stop an abortion or into a wedding to stop a marriage.

Also, it's not an illegal least according to the Supreme Court.


Um...way to bury the lead, there. :)


Listen, I loved your post about your voting choices and such. But really, WE WANT THE DIRT ON THE "SOME WHAT" SEX WITH A WOMAN!!

Keep writing love.....


Rachel R.

Taylor: It is possible that Romney donated that money as a way to get out of paying more taxes. Donations are loopholes in the system, and Romney's tax returns have shown that he claimed those charitable donations and paid less in taxes than the average person.


"So I'm voting for Barack Obama because he has a level of compassion I don't believe Mitt Romney could ever understand. " That just shows a lack of paying attention, since Romney is a well known philanthropist and served as bishop of his church for 20 plus years, spending his "spare" time counseling others in their times of need. Anyone who has a true libertarian leaning would never, ever vote for Barry, who is on the exact opposite of the policy spectrum.


Uh, yeah... In the state of Oregon, it's illegal to photograph and post your completed ballot.

  (7) A person may not show the person’s own marked ballot to another person to reveal how it was marked.


So, Obama for President, but you vote for the Republican Labor Commissioner candidate? And you apparently are so opposed to voting for a Democrat for the state legislature (you know, the people who can affect how much in food stamps you receive) that you wrote in Chuck Norris?

Of course the Presidential election matters, but in Oregon your votes in these other races are much more likely to affect your life (particularly the Labor Commissioner race, which is very, very close). I mean, I know it's hard to put yourself in the situation of someone who might need protection from illegal labor practices, but perhaps one day you'll find yourself in that situation and then (only then, apparently) you'll be more sympathetic.

Also, your caricature of "a textbook Democrat" is pretty offensive. I'm a lifelong Democrat -- I'm also a small business owner, have a six figure income, am married, own my own home (plus a rental property), have a great credit score, retirement, health care, etc. And yet, somehow, I manage to have empathy for people who did not have the advantages I had, who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, who are bankrupted by illness.

Amanda P. Westmont

Crystal - There was a man there too, if that helps set the scene.

Kris - Philanthropy and compassion are the not the same thing.

Julie - I carefully read the statements from each candidate and voted accordingly. Sometimes that meant I chose a Republican instead of a Democrat. And I only wrote in those names when there either was NO candidate running or when the candidate was running unopposed. This ain't my first rodeo.

taylor k

For the record, since my first comment may have been misunderstood, I am actually a Mormon. I do not support Romney for President. I also think Abortion and Gay Marriage should be legal - I believe that everyone should have the right to choose what to do with their life and their body without unnecessary government interference. Now, are these things moral? That is another topic that doesn't belong in a political discussion. Ever. As far as who gave more of their personal money I still stand by my previous statement - Romany gave more than Obama. Was it for a tax discount? Sure, some of it probably was. Our system is corrupt and and has lots loopholes that need fixing.


Reasonable people can disagree about the Labor Commissioner race (and of course there can be bad/unqualified Democratic candidates -- Brad Avakian is not one of them, but, still, I've certainly voted for a Republican or two in my day). But, having read their voter's pamphlet statements myself, I saw your logic about the Presidential race as applying directly to the Labor Commissioner race as well, for a number of reasons.

Also, call me "self-righteous", but I am honestly disgusted that you would write in joke candidates in those races. This is the 100th anniversary in Oregon of women getting the right to vote. And you write in Chuck Norris and Betty White. I share your dismay at people running unopposed, but don't make a mockery of your vote. Don't waste the time of our election officials by making them count your BS write-in vote. Either don't vote at all in those races or write in someone you actually would like to have the position (or run a write in campaign yourself!).


I'm very glad you supported Obama. Looking forward to the rest of the story...


Not trolling! But what is your definition of being Libertarian?

Susan DeMateo

Are you kidding me with your "text book Democrat" description? I'm a staunch Democrat and I have never been on assistance, I have a great career, my kids are well taken care of, my husband and I make a lot of money and proudly pay our taxes.... Just when I think you can't get anymore clueless... Also, what does slutting out with a woman have to do with politics? You're a joke.


Okay, I take serious issue with your describing your situation as "chosen poverty." Maybe you are being overly dramatic and mean that you have less money because you left an untenable marriage.

But if you are choosing to be "poor" and accepting public benefits when you have other options to provide for yourself and your kids? Not cool.

I am a huge supporter of the "safety net" and work for one such program. We constantly have to fight the image that everyone who uses our program is lazy and could get by on their own if they wanted to. Most poor people would do anything NOT to be poor.

Your kids are in school, only with you 50% of time anyway, you have a degree and career experience. Lots of "poor single moms" have none of those things. If you have any way to work more hours, I really think you should do it.


"textbook Democrat"...seriously? Sounds like you are still clueless, just grasping for justifications.

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