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November 06, 2012


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Reconcile like...

1. stop hating each other, and get along for the benefit of co-parenting your children in a healthy (but separate) way


2. start shacking up


Amanda P. Westmont

Ha! Laura! I mean reconcile as in SPEAKING, which we haven't done in two years.

cindy w

I had the exact same question as Laura. Clarification is needed here, please!

Faraway Reader

Big changes indeed ! Moving forward.
I'm still confused on the break up....

I hope you find your way back together if it is what is best for you. Maybe I've had the worst break-ups ever but he has got to be one hell of a great guy to let you in and comfort you after a date ! Seriously !!!

I am so glad you and Dave are working on ending the cold war. I think it can only help your kids in the long run. Bravo to you both.

And the piano....I can only imagine. I'm sorry.
But glad you and sister can find some common ground again.


Such providence! As you loosen your hold on Joel you are also able to fill that space with your sister and peace with Dave. It will all be better for trying.

Assvice: Stop seeking and be still for a little while.


I hope you and Dave are able to make some headway. And, I'm so happy about your sister!


Man, can I relate to the Joel thing. It'll take time, honey. My Joel is now talking to my hubby of 13 years giving him interview advice. They call each other brothers. My Joel and I took a long time to figure out our relationship and were there to comfort each other with sex when we weren't officially dating.

I have no idea what will happen with you and your Joel, but give it time. You have been through a hell of a lot in a short period of time. So take a deep breath and let what happens when you need it, happen.

As for Dave, keep your guard up, be kind and focus on the kids. Methinks (from limited information) that he knows how to manipulate you. I know he's reaching out, and it's a good thing for the kids, but I think a business relationship, aka managing the kids, is a good start for the two of you.

Take care girl, and have fun. Enjoy yourself!

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