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October 09, 2012


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Oooooh, I want to do that! My half-the-woman weight is 165.5. My goal weight is 180, and I have 53 pounds until I reach that. The weight loss is so slow right now--only 6 pounds in the past month--that I despair of ever reaching it. You give me hope. Thanks. xoxo

taylor k

I just turned 27 years old a few weeks ago and I am about 10 pounds less than you, but about half a foot shorter - and i look exactly like you described while naked. I call my scars, skin, and stretch marks my battlemarks (i have 13 abdominal scars from 7 surgeries and 2 c-sections in 6 years time...) I am keeping them for now, but as soon as I decide *for real* that I am done having children and make a permanent birth control decision I plan on having mine 'fixed' with a full bodylift. I am far beyond natural repair, too. I am not going to have anything modified or enhanced... just removing the extras. I know it made me who i am today, but I am a new person and I want the new body - without the extra skin, scars and crappy tattoos I got at the age of 15 - that reflects my hard work. It wasnt easy getting here! I admire your decision to keep yours. It takes balls that i don't have to carry all that around for the rest of your life. Go you!


Oh Amanda I just love you and your honesty. Good job on the weight loss. You look awesome


You inspire me with your honesty and frankness.



You go, girl! I'm happy for you that what you see in the mirror matches the image in your head. What I see from here is a gutsy, gorgeous lady!


Congratulations on getting to the pie! I've recently lost about 30 pounds and weigh just a couple pounds more than you. I've been surprised at the difference it's made. My butt fits differently on the toilet seat, bleachers are almost unbearably uncomfortable, and my knees are too bony to fit together when I sleep. Weird.


I just hit my half the woman I was weight myself and you have TOTALLY captured my thoughts. I have a blog, too, but haven't been able to blog lately for whatever excuses I have. I wanted to reach through and hug you and jump up and down. You have captured my every thought. Thank you and bless you darlin'.


wow am I ever glad to find you (thanks Melting Mama!) and what an awesome goal to have - be half the person we once were. that finally gives me an exact goal weight to strive for. I had RNY 4/07 and lost 139. Regained 61 (don't get me started but I learned A LOT in that regain, including how damn easy it is to do it). Have lost 25 of the regain, now go to Zumba 3x a week (who, me??) and will get back to my prior post-surgery low weight of 185 then I had in mind to get to 160-165 - so now it looks like 162.50 is the magic number!!

I too feel strange naked but it is what it is and I'd rather be saggy than deady ;)

Attorney At Large

Congrats!!! That's awesome! (And you look great!)



I was directed to your blog today courtesy of Melting Mama and glad to have checked it out! I would love to be where you are as you stated, "Oddly enough, I finally feel like the real me. The photos actually match the self-portrait." Perhaps this will occur some time in the future! I am currently working on this issue in therapy. It is ongoing and progress is being made.

I had RNY WLS on 10/1/2009. During the past three years, I worked very hard to become healthy and lose weight. It has been an emotionally-charged and difficult journey but a successful one, nonetheless!

I enjoyed reading your blog post. It is refreshing and enlightening to read a story full of probity, frankness, humor, and emotion! Thanks for that! I shall look forward to future posts and perusing past ones.


You aren't that thin. Just average. Your bag of bones comment is offensive to people who are ACTUALLY underweight.


You may have body dysmorphic disorder, you look good but you are not in any way a bag of bones or even that skinny I think you are delusional. Great job on your weightloss but you need a bit of a reality check.

Bella Rinata

I can support anyone at any weight so long as they are pursuing healthy eating and lifestyle habits that contribute to their overall health. That said, your start post reads "I had tried everything in the world to get into a smaller size and I just wasn't able to lose weight. " Is that accurate? I imagine if you tried *everything* you would have been able to shed some weight, if that was the goal. I think it's condescending and false to imply that you have tried all weight loss methods and failed, and to take no responsiblity for the results.
Perhaps if we could have an honest dialog about why we are falling short of our goals (overeating, binging, inactivity, health issues/hormones), we could work to address those problems and the underlying emotional or physical issues causing them, rather than jumping to drastic life altering surgical measures instead.


What a tactless bag of crap you are to compare yourself with a burn victim. Have you no shame?

Your little soap story about losing weight is pathetic, I invite you to go to a hospital and take a look at the suffering of burn victims. How fucking dare you?!


Did you really just compare yourself to a burn victim? Seriously...?

It's great to lose weight but to make that kind of comparison...I am pretty much speechless.

Angela E. Gambrel

Um, sorry, but no. You are not that thin. In fact, you are average size. As a recovering anorexic, I find the whole "bag of bones" comment offensive. And comparing yourself to burn victims? Beyond offensive.


Hi Amanda,
I found your website through a link. Anywho, I have gotten NOTHING done for two days reading your journal. You and I have had some very, very similar experiences and I have found your writing to me insightful, sad and humorous. It's your blog, say what you want. If they don't like it, tough....they don't have to read it. I wished I lived closer. I think we'd have great fun. Hang in there and have a great Thursday!

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