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July 24, 2012


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Canadian Rachel

Aw, buddy. Keep doing your work, thinking, feeling. Call bullshit on yourself as often as you need to. Stay safe. You have lots of people pulling for you. *hugs*

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

You pretty much wrote out my entire mental dialogue from my junior and senior years in high school (aside from the whole gardening thing - mama doesn't garden).

Maybe try a sandwich in the middle of the day? ...I don't know. You know what you're doing; you don't need advice. Putting it out here for people to read and know is your way of accepting what you're doing?

You're strong enough to do what's best for you and maybe change your habits sooner rather than later.


Hey! I'm going though the same thing with the same drug. I'm finding it amazing and wonderful. I've always wondered how people could just forget to eat. It is such an amazing feeling to have to think about eating!

There isn't the sexual side effect that other antidepressants have, which is a very good thing.

Life is good. It would be better with the winning lottery ticket, or a sugar daddy. Ha. As if either of those will fall in my lap.


I'm kind of in the same place right now. The heat makes me not want to eat and anything bigger than a really small side salad gags me. My advice is to listen to the cues from your body, and be careful.


The drug is definitely contributing. When I took it (known in another form as Zyban) I didn't want to smoke, drink, eat or sleep. It was crazy. I would lay in bed waiting for Target to open so I could start my next photo framing project or buy more cleaning products to clean-again. I would be starving but could never decide what to eat and when I did I didn't enjoy it. Crazy what 'scripts can do, yet they can't invent one that makes you orgasm at the drop of a hat. Hmph.

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