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June 26, 2012


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I totally understand the singing thing. I really sing only in the car, by myself. Never in front of my husband, whom I trust more than anyone else on the planet. I dream about singing in front of people...only my anxiety is kind of like your anger, I guess. I've gotten past a lot of it by having WLS and getting smaller, but it's still there. Mocking me. Anyway. Just wanted to empathize/sympathize/whatever, and tell you that you seem much better, if I'm to judge by only this one post. Rooting for you. :)

cindy w

This post is kind of timely for me to read, because I'm suddenly feeling a lot of anger that I never really acknowledged before. I kind of don't know what to do with it. I admire you for writing it out, though. I know it has to be difficult to put it into words sometimes.

jill (mrschaos)

I've been reading here for a long (LONG) time, and this is one of my favorite posts you have written.

I have some fear I need to take out to dinner. I need to get that bitch drunk and take her out dancing. And then figure out a way to deal with her on a day to day basis.

Good us both.


Totally obvious question here: "Maybe your Effexor dose was too high?"

Finding the right meds and level of those meds is a delicate art. Having a specialist oversee my meds was the best thing I ever did.

Also, I love me the booze and hate to admit it, but when I am not drinking the anger doesn't get so intense.

The sugar I pour down my throat allows me to ignore the anger, as it seethes and multiplies in the corner.

I get defensive whenever I think of quitting for good. I don't want to take away my security blanket, but I think I'm reaching the point where dealing with my shit and putting the people in my life first is more important.

I'm a couple drinks a night kind of gal. More if I'm out with friends. Not a falling down drunk, but it's why I drink that's the issue.

It lets me hide and it keeps the anger at bay.

It's a hard spot to be in, dealing with all this shit, but at least you know you're not alone!

Man, being a woman can be a real bitch! :)


Do what I did. Demand, not ask for, DEMAND a 1mg Xanax prescription. TRUST ME ON THIS. When you start freaking out, pop one. If you stick it under your tongue it works within 10 minutes, so you will get mellow very quickly.

Don't let them give you a .25 or .5mg script either, Just tell the doc you have a pill cutter. 1mg for me is perfect, while .25 puts some people to sleep. At any rate, a 1 mg prescription will give you more bang for your co-pay buck, and some peace for you and yours. Good luck!

Attorney At Large

I completely understand the feeling emotions vs. working brain. I went from TWO antidepressants down to one (just Welbutrin now) and 1) I have orgasms and 2) I still feel emotions, just not crazy out of control emotions. If you can try a different med, it may be worth it.

Hugs to you.

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